CST firms are passionate about supporting Global Executives. We have empathy to their needs.


Global Executives are senior executives working for large multinational corporations who have been posted internationally. They require high-quality tax advice and specialised knowledge that CST Firms can provide. They expect their income tax advisory needs will be serviced with the same level of expertise and dedication that their employers expect from them.

As a CST International member firm, you will have an outstanding opportunity to be a recognised leader in advising Global Executives in your country and helping them on their career journey, often establishing long lasting professional relationships as a trusted advisor to top international talent.

We understand the unique challenges facing Global Executives. We understand and embrace Expatland, it is where we live.

Looking back now it would have been fantastic to have had a road map..."
Dr Andy Walshe
  • History & focus

    The first CST Tax Advisors firm was founded in Sydney in 1992. In 2004 CST Tax Advisors was established in Singapore with our first office in America opening in 2010. MORE

    History & focus

  • Purpose, Vision & Values

    The core focus for CST firms globally is to make life and business easy abroad for our clients. We do that by integrating global tax and accounting solutions across borders. MORE

    Purpose, Vision & Values

  • The CST Way

    The CST Way is a personal tale of helping clients living and working in Expatland, a 'country' with more than 244 million residents living away from home. MORE

    The CST Way

  • Media & News

    CST is actively provides thought leadership in relation to cross border issues for accounting firms and clients alike. Follows us for updates and new. MORE

    Media & News


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